I started baking when I was four or five, by “enhancing” my dogs’ food – it might have been an ‘add water and stir’ method, but it was the first step.  I’ve moved on since then and I’m sure the dogs appreciate me not messing with their food anymore.

I bake (and cook) by feel and taste, so sometimes it can be a bit tricky for me to actually provide recipes with measured ingredients.  I do my best to replicate, sometimes they turn out even better the second time around.  I really enjoy trying out new combinations – even if I’ve tried something recently that I loved (like dark chocolate and orange!) – I endeavor to find a way envision it into multiple treat possibilities.

A little about me: I’m an academic librarian with a background in conflict and peace studies and live in Arlington, VA.  I’ve lived in Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Georgia and Northern Ireland, and love traveling.  You might see that reflected in the recipes (and pardon for metric recipes that might appear, I found some wonderous ones when living abroad).

The recipes I list are either my own creation or ones that I’ve found and added my own personal spin too.  I always credit where I’ve found the initial recipe, so if you like what you see, you can visit the original source and glance through their other offerings.




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